Neon Streaks of Glow Sticks in a ClubEvery guy looking out for a great bachelor night will benefit from these tips, whether you’ve been around or just getting acquainted with the nightlife and San Diego bottle service. Make the most of it by knowing some useful information about gentlemen's clubs. 

Getting a Great Table 

This depends whether you like it near the dance floor, some cozy corner, the second floor—it’s entirely up to you. The best table is the spot you want. To get it, it’s still best to go when the club isn’t that full. But if you want a spot, giving extra tips can get you that table. It’s true that bouncers, waitresses, and VIP hosts go out of their way when you tip well and treat them favorably.

Be Clear on Your Booking Spend

Know your table’s minimum booking spend. This is usually dictated by the number of guys in your group, the night of the week, the holiday, and if a popular DJ or performer will have a set in the club. If you want to add more people to your party, you have to increase your minimum booking spend. Just be clear with the amount, so you won’t be surprised when you get the tab. 

You Can Get Comped Tables

Comped tables are reserved for promoters who can get more girls in the club. When you do this, you can get free bottles for the night. But of course, getting a few free drinks doesn’t always guarantee special treatment. Don’t become the pompous stereotype. Be kind to your VIP host and bottle service girls, and they will give you excellent service.

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Go Back to Your Favorite Club

Once you enjoy a night at a club, do come back now and then. When you’re good to VIP hosts and waitresses, chances are they remember you and give you much better service. There is a reason regulars get VIP treatment, and it’s because they maintain a good relationship with the staff.

Now that you know these simple night club advice, you can have a blast! Expect fun and satisfying nights on your next bachelor parties.