Family enjoying a roller coasterBirthdays are a big deal, especially for children, because it happens only once a year. For many people, the happy feelings associated with birthday celebrations are the memories that make an indelible mark. They are the things young ones recall many years later when they are raising their own families. This is the reason many parents strive hard to make their kids' birthdays unique and memorable.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate your son or daughter's birthday in Albuquerque that would make him/her feel extra special, here are wonderful suggestions:

For the Toddlers and Preschoolers: The Usual Request

When you ask your very young children what they want for their special day, they would almost always request a cake, balloons and lots and lots of toys. Many parents save up for this and usually hold the party at home to have more flexibility in managing the child’s requests. As your children grow up, you will realize that this is probably the most affordable celebration you're ever gonna make.

For Older Children: Entertainment at Home or in the Backyard

As your child gets a bit older, the birthday party may include an assortment of games with friends and classmates. This is the best time to hire a clown or a magician to entertain the children. Backyard pool parties, even the inflatable ones, with matching water gun battles are an option that would appeal to your young guests.

For the Teens: Tame Dinner Parties

When your child enters the teen years, the big bashes become smaller, intimate dinners with the family in the celebrant's restaurant of choice. Some families follow this with a good movie. For the younger teens, they might opt to have dinner with their family and a separate outing with friends to a pizza place or the mall.

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Though there is nothing wrong with this, such birthdays are not necessarily the ones that are “remembered.” As a matter of fact, sometimes these tame dinner celebrations just get mixed up with other unremarkable birthday memories whose details a person can no longer recall, they are all similar.

Unique Treats: Something Worth Remembering

Perhaps due to the lure of the unconventional celebration as a potential viral post, not-so-common parties are becoming a trend. Parents are making party arrangements for birthdays outside of the usual places and activities. They opt to go to the beach, have a camping trip in the mountains, or spend a whole day of fun in a nearby theme park or amusement center, such as the ones in Albuquerque, NM.

With these parties being occasional or one-off trips, your young child or teenager will definitely recall it years after. It also serves as a special bonding moment with family members and your child's close friends.

As the years pass, your son or daughter will have forgotten his/her toys and trinkets, but the happy times together are the ones they will remember. Make their next birthday an unforgettable one by creating a unique celebration.