Man having difficulties on sleepingInsomnia is a common problem among the rich and poor, the young and the old. The primary causes of sleeplessness include relentless stress and medical reasons. Whatever the cause, the tossing and turning for hours at night reduces your sleeping hours and denies you quality sleep that you need for a productive day.

So, how can you drift off into a fitful slumber without taking sleeping pills? These natural ways such as using ​best lavender oils for sleep will lull you into dreamland safely.

1. Awareness Breathing

Instead of worrying too much in bed, calm down and focus on how each breath travels through your body. If you go to bed with too many thoughts, it only fuels anxiety and insomnia. According to medical experts, breathing technique helps reduce the mental chatter allowing you to be more aware of your breathing which induces sleep.

Your mind turns off from the day’s anxieties when you focus on how air moves in and out of your lungs. It helps you focus on the breathing which calms your body.

2. Take A Warm Bath and follow it up with a massage

Soaking in the tub raises your body temperature slightly, and the cooling effect after the bath mimics the natural temperature drop which prepares your brain to sleep. A study found that people who soak in a warm bath fall asleep more quickly and enjoy a better quality of sleep.

To enhance sleep even further, a full body massage using the best lavender oils for sleep is ideal. Massage induces physiological changes in the body which restore internal balance. It’s this mental pampering that translates into sleep.

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Although there are plenty of sleeping solutions in the form of sleeping pills, it’s always safer and better to practice natural alternatives. The two suggestions above are simple to practice and will naturally change your sleep behavior. Enjoy quality sleep without exposing yourself to the risk of addiction to pills.