Girl eating pastaIf you are looking for excellent food, there are several great restaurants in Tunbridge Wells such as The Barn Pub & Restaurant that you can choose from.  You can select from modern restaurants to gourmet, to traditional restaurants that offer the all-time favourite fish and chips.

To date, over 250 dining places are in Tunbridge Wells, which includes international cuisines from India, Italy, France, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Nepal and a lot more. The place becomes a fusion of food from around the globe. Here are some tips to have an awesome dining experience in town.

Stay Within the Budget

Good food is not always expensive. You can find some restaurants that offer different take away lunch or dinner daily that is within the budget. You can also try to go to parks or the countryside for a lesser expensive dining experience.

Authentic, Quality Food

You may want to try the famous English breakfast that you could get from the countryside or in some cafes in town. If you think this is too heavy for breakfast, eat it as a brunch instead. It would be a great deal!

You do not want to miss the roast dinner sampling which is a traditional English food. You can enjoy it in most pubs in town.

Local Produce

Take the chance to try the locally produced food in most restaurants and pubs around. You can also bring home with you a remembrance of your memorable experience of the town’s best local beer called ale which you could buy from all over town.


You have nothing to worry about food for kids. Most restaurants, cafes, and pubs that you can find around will always have something to offer to them on the menu, not to mention the ice cream shops that they could enjoy after a meal.

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There are many fabulous dining places that you can enjoy in Tunbridge Wells that will satisfy your cravings. Go and try as many as you can!