Boy Having Fun in Water ParkAlbuquerque is New Mexico’s largest city. It is full of various activities that traveling families would enjoy, starting off with the fun-filled water parks, which would surely give kids and adults alike a spectacular time getting wet.

If you come to visit Albuquerque and enjoy it for all that it is fantastically is, make sure that you will not miss visiting the wondrous water park here in Albuquerque with its thrilling rides and endless fun.

And make sure that you get around some of the city’s best attractions as well, all are must-visits especially among traveling families who are after a fun-filled getaway.

The Magic is Here at the Water Park

Allowing your kids to take a splash is a no-frills opportunity to have fun. With all its magical might, the water parks provide facilities, which both kids and adults would love.

Albuquerque Aquarium

The Aquarium is a certified family-friendly attraction. It mostly highlights the teeming life underwater Rio Grande, just because Albuquerque locates along that famed body of water. Apart from the fresh water tank, the Aquarium also features a saltwater tank where you can spot countless sharks, lobsters, and turtles.

Sandia Mountains

If you enjoy sharing the beauty of nature and the overall appeal of the outdoors with your kids, hiking or mountain biking at the Sandia Mountains prove to be worth your time and energy. You can also abandon the trail altogether and just settle for a picnic at the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area.

This is a great spot to kick-start an adventure at the Sandia Mountains with your family.

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Rio Grande Zoo

A comprehensive zoo that features various species, both kids and adults would love watching different species at the Rio Grande Zoo as they move around in their most naturalistic habitats. There are polar bears, lions, tigers, zebras, gorillas, elephants, and seals.

Apart from animal watching, you can also enjoy various scheduled activities at the zoo, including outdoor concerts and feeding times for seals and polar bears.

That wraps up the places to go in Albuquerque. Have fun with your family!