A pair of cowboy boots Whether the American West inspires your style or it is just more practical to wear them, cowboy boots are the go-to footwear of many people. After browsing through brands such as A.A. Callister and selecting the perfect pair of boots, be sure to know how to take care of them.

Even if they are literally the bottom of your outfit and may not be the first thing that people notice, footwear is a reflection of your personality. Therefore, you should always keep your cowboy boots clean and presentable. Here are three easy ways to take care of them.

Dirt and Debris Removal

Manually remove dirt and debris from your leather boots with the use of a damp cloth. Wipe the dirt out and scrub lightly if necessary. If the dirt is hard to remove, using leather-friendly soap or cleaners is a good idea too.

Leather Conditioning

The secret to having long lasting quality leather is regular conditioning. Doing so would keep its original feel and texture, but only if you make sure the conditioner is suitable for the color of your boots. Boots might darken upon application, but it should go back to its original color after the conditioner settles in.

Some people skip this step and go straight to the next one—which you shouldn’t. Keeping your boots shiny is great, but you also need to keep them healthy and conditioned.

Leather Polishing

After conditioning, finish your cleaning with the right leather polish to protect your boots and keep them looking presentable. Putting on a polish is optional but keep in mind that it helps lock in the moisture longer, allowing you to condition your boots in longer intervals.

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These three steps are what it takes to help keep your boots looking new. If you have no idea on what type of conditioner or polish to use, your local boots store can definitely help you.