Bride with her fine jewelryNow that you have chosen your wedding gown, the next challenge would be choosing the right jewelry pieces that would give you more radiance that will allow you to stand out as a bride.

Design and style pegs from various sites like Pinterest and Etsy might help you, but there are things you need to take note of before your big day comes.

Choose what you like

It is your wedding day so you should have the liberty to choose what you like. Go with what you are comfortable with and pick one that you can see yourself wearing over and over again.

Even it if means having customized jewelry made in Salt Lake City by experts such as AAA Jewelers, you should give it a go.

Less is more

If your gown comes with full embellishment, you need not wear the whole jewelry set, plus your tiara, and your sash. Wearing too much jewelry on your wedding day can take the attention off you instead of drawing it to you. Picture your whole look.

Every detail (i.e. your gown design, neckline, and hairstyle) matters and can affect your choice of jewelry.

Mix and match

You need not necessarily use the whole jewelry set on your wedding day. Learn to mix and match colors. Choose your pieces based on your gown designs, the season, and even your wedding color motif. Do not forget to have something old, blue, borrowed, and new.

Various jewelry pieces can easily fulfill that requirement.

Consider renting

Have you found that piece you want for your wedding, but cannot afford to buy? Rent it for your big day. Renting jewelry allows you to enjoy using your dream pieces without busting your budget.

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Accessorize, but do not overdo it. The wedding is YOUR special day and not your jewelry pieces. Turn the people’s attention to yourself and not on your shiny bling.