Woman Receiving Reiki TreatmentReiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. The therapy is named Reiki because it uses the body’s vital energy force to help the process of self-healing in a similar principle to spiritual healing.

Energy from the practitioner flows out through their hands and into the person who is receiving Reiki. One theory of how it works is that it interacts with the recipient’s electromagnetic field to bring about a feeling of wellbeing.

A second theory is that human touch promotes stress relief and relaxation, lowering cortisol and having a beneficial effect against pain.

People who learn how to give Reiki in easy to understand reiki level 1 or 2 courses can learn how to self-administer a free therapy to help themselves and their families. It could even reduce the need for over the counter medications.

Reiki Reduces Anxiety and Pain

The Institute of Integrated and Oriental Therapy in San Paulo, Brazil, found that Reiki and massage reduced anxiety symptoms by 33%, compared with having no treatment. Another study published in Holistic Nursing Practice reported on women having hysterectomies and found that those who had just three sessions of reiki were less anxious about going home, experienced less post-operative pain and required fewer analgesics.

In a 2017 study of people undergoing knee replacements, reiki reduced anxiety and pain and lowered blood pressure in patients after surgery.

Reiki Improves Sleep

The psychology department at the University of London found that Reiki reduced symptoms of illness, improved mood and sleep quality in people given a Reiki course lasting from two and a half to 12 weeks.

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Reiki is an energy therapy that provides a straightforward and drug-free way to ease tension headaches, relieves stress and insomnia. Learning Reiki brings healing to your fingertips that can be used among all the family. For more information about enrolling in Reiki level 1 or Reiki level 2 courses so you can learn the art of self-healing, call a reputable provider.