Demi-glace to be placed on meatIn the culinary world, the term demi-glace means a scrumptious concentrate that can add flavors to your dishes. Recipes with demi-glace are special and remarkable from the moment you taste them because of this sauce’s depth of flavor.

When chefs have the luxury of time, they make a demi-glace. This concentrate is considered the mother of all sauces in the French cuisine. It’s the foundation for preparing various sauces, gravies, and soups. Here are the things you need to know about demi-glace gold:

Made from Bone Stock

Demi-glace begins with a stock made of bones that have been cooked in the oven. These roasted bones are then mixed with Espagnole sauce and simmered over low heat with other ingredients like celery, carrots, and onions. However, these ingredients are strained out. Depending on your recipe, you can make demi-glace from chicken, beef or pork bones.

Difficult to Make

Due to the ingredients and the long process, many people prefer to buy ready-made sauces than preparing themselves. This concentrate can be challenging to make because of its tedious process. You need to prepare every ingredient, roast the bones, and let the mixture settle and simmer for long hours before you get a taste of this delicious sauce or base.


Letting the mixture reduce and simmer will take long hours. On average, you need to wait for about four to five hours, mixing the sauce every now and then to prevent burning.

Depth of Flavor

With different ingredients, a mixture of sauces, and the bone stock, demi-glace offers a depth of flavor you can’t find anywhere else. It provides you with dishes that are mouthwatering and delightful.

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Whether you want to make your own demi-glace or buy a ready-made mixture, all that matters is, this sauce is a kitchen must-have. You need to have it as base or sauce for various dishes like your steak or vegetables.