Examples of silk comforters Silk comforters are considered as the best – better than down comforters for various reasons. Following is a comparison between silk and down comforters to help you understand why silk is said to be the best choice.

Silk Comforters vs. Down Comforters

  • Hypoallergenic – A silk comforter from Cozy Earth is naturally hypoallergenic. On the other hand, a down comforter requires additional components like Syriaca clusters to make it resistant to dust and mites.
  • Maintenance – A down comforter needs immediate drying if it gets wet. If not, fungus and mildew will thrive in the comforter. Silk comforters do not trap moisture and allow it to pass through. In case the comforter gets wet, you can just hang it dry for a few hours or tumble-dry under low setting.
  • Filling – Down filling shifts over time, while silk does not. Down comforters utilize a baffling design to minimize shifting and maintain consistency. A type of protein known as sericin holds silk together and serves as both stabilizer and adhesive. This eliminates the need for quilting or baffling in silk comforters.
  • Odor – Compared to the lower-grade down comforter models, a silk comforter does not emit any odor.
  • Storage – There are strict requirements for storing down comforters. On the other hand, no specific guidelines are followed when storing silk comforters. You only have to let the air out a few hours before storing.

Using the Silk Comforter With the Right Weight

The weight of the comforter to use depends on the temperature and heating conditions in your home. Heavier comforters are ideal for fall and winter, while lighter models are best used for spring and summer.

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Ideally, you should have heavy and light comforters that you can use, depending on the season. For freezing nights you can use both comforters in combination.

By now, you should know why silk comforters are better than down comforters. If you are not yet using silk comforters, this may be the best time to own one.