Injured knee of a soccer player

Even professional athletes – with all their training, conditioning and protective gear – get hurt; it’s just a reality of the game. If you’re a weekend warrior with no training or conditioning to speak of, your likelihood of getting hurt may be higher.

Here are some of the more common injuries in sports:

Knocked-Out Tooth

In some contact sports, it is common to find players with a missing tooth or two. A big blow to the face may force a tooth out of its socket.

Should this happen to you, suggests rinsing the detached tooth with clean water or milk and immediately take it to the dentist. S/he may be able to save your tooth with surgery.


Some of the most common sports injuries involve sprains or ligament injuries. Ligaments are tough bands connecting the bones in your joints. When you start playing without warming up, your ligaments may be stretched past their limit, deforming or tearing it.


Tendons are responsible for anchoring your muscles to your bones. Muscle fatigue or over-stretching may result in tearing the muscle fibres, which causes strains. You can reduce the risk of getting one by doing some stretches and warm-ups before joining a game.

ACL tear

The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL connects your thigh-bone to your shinbone at the knee. In the past, an ACL tear typically meant an end to one’s playing days, especially at the professional level. These days, however, you can repair the damage with surgery and therapy.

If you hear a pop in your knee and experience pain, it’s wise to stop playing immediately. Do not force the issue, as your knee is no longer stable.

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Injuries may be inevitable in sports, but you can reduce the risk of suffering if you keep your body in fine condition.