Woman Smiling with Perfect SmileWhile tooth whitening works well for many patients, it is best to begin with healthy teeth. This means addressing gum disease, cavities, exposed tooth roots, and other dental issues before undergoing treatment with a cosmetic dentist.

Note that having untreated oral health problems can cause further discomfort, with the possibility of wasting more money, as the treatment may not be effective on damaged teeth.

Here are some of the things you need to know before you start with any whitening treatment:

Tooth Sensitivity

This is one side effect of the procedure, particularly within 24 hours after the treatment. You may also develop tooth sensitivity if you’ve been exposed to different whitening products. It is best to take it easy with whitening and let a dentist supervise the procedure.

Touch Up Needed

The effects of whitening don’t last forever. The results may last from several months to two years, but this depends on your habits and dental care hygiene. If you regularly consume teeth-staining food and drinks, your teeth will easily turn yellow. It is best to limit eating dark-colored foods and brush your teeth daily.

Whitening Tray Sizes

Everyone’s smile is different. So it is not advisable to use generic whitening trays from drugstores or supermarkets. If you want to do the procedure at home, ask a dentist for a custom-fitted tray. Customized whitening trays provide even whitening; it also ensures that the bleaching agent will not leak or damage your gums.

Varied Results

Teeth whitening, for the most part, is effective. But it cannot remove certain stains. The treatment works best on yellow teeth or those stained by food and drinks. Whitening will not work on gray stains and dental work such as veneers, crowns, and fillings. Ask your dentist for other procedures that can improve your smile with your specific dental condition.

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Tooth Whitening Obsession

It is understandable that you want a bright smile. Note, however, that using different types of whitening toothpaste or gels can damage teeth over time. Overdoing it can also make your teeth extremely sensitive and discolored or translucent. Don’t overdo it and let a dentist handle the whitening procedure.

Learn more about teeth whitening to know what you can expect. Be sure to consult a cosmetic dentist for a safe and effective procedure.