Worried man holding a HELP! sign and a bottle of beer

The thing about drinking alcohol is that in moderation, it is just fine. Occasional drinking has temporary side effects, and you can easily recover from them soon enough. But when it becomes habitual and starts to affect your work and relationships, then maybe you are suffering an addiction.

It becomes a different story altogether when your drinking gets out of hand.

Serious consequences of excessive drinking

Drinking too much has an adverse impact on the body. It can damage your health on a long-term basis and cause serious difficulties in the long run. Some of the more common long-term consequences of excessive drinking include, but are not limited to:

  • Depression, or that irrepressible surge of emotional dejection;
  • Liver and kidney damage, which may also lead to organ failure;
  • Cancer and other terminal illnesses;
  • Reduced sexual performance.

Alcohol dependence

While heavy drinking often leads to serious health repercussions, it also makes you susceptible to alcohol dependence. There are many ways to recognize alcohol addiction – the signs and symptoms are far too obvious to shrug off.

One of the telltale signs of alcoholism that you could easily spot is a person’s reduced attention to personal and professional responsibilities. This, coupled with repeated unsuccessful efforts to reduce alcohol consumption, usually means it is time for some professional intervention.

When it is time to admit you have a problem

You can get help in the form of substance abuse and drug addiction recovery in Utah. Seeing how modern people live their lives, it is easy to say that drinking alcohol is part of the norm.

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However, you need to be very careful because there is actually a fine line between social drinking and heavy drinking, to the extent of damaging your personal and professional life, not to mention your health.

To that end, always be a responsible drinker. Know your limits and stick to it. When things get out of hand, do not be afraid to seek help from substance abuse and drug addiction recovery institution.