Woman Wearing BracesIf you’ve decided to get braces in order to straighten out your smile then you’ve taken the most important step. Keep in mind your reasons for making your choice to help you as your treatment progresses. Knowing that you are on a purposeful journey that will have a positive impact on your life can be a great motivator.

The next stage is to make contact with a dentist like Staplehurst Dental in Kent to book a consultation and explore your options. They will do a thorough examination which might include x-rays. You also get asked a series of questions to check your needs, expectations and health history. This is a good time to ask some questions of your own.

It’s possible that you will be able to choose between some of the excellent teeth straightening methods that exist. In order to make the best choice for you, weigh up factors such as budget, length of treatment and the appearance of your braces once they are fitted.

Adapting to Six Month Smiles

If you choose a method like Six Month Smiles, these will be fixed to your teeth using brackets. These stay in place for the duration of your treatment. Your dentist will give you detailed care instructions. However, generally speaking, you need to keep your teeth scrupulously clean and ensure no debris gets stuck in your braces. There are some hard foods that you might be advised to avoid temporarily to reduce the risk of damaging your braces. If you play some contact sports, you will need to be more aware of protecting your teeth. Talk to your dentist if you are concerned.

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Adapting to Invisalign

Another popular treatment is Invisalign. This method uses clear aligners that fit snugly against your teeth to achieve the straightening effect. You take home a series of aligners and work your way through them, changing each one approximately every two weeks. Your aligners are removable and you take them out to eat. It is vital that you brush your teeth after your meal or snack before re-inserting your aligner. This is so that food does not get trapped behind it and held against your teeth. It also helps to prevent discoloration. Soaking your aligners at least twice a week in a special cleaning solution is advisable.