Senior Woman with New Dental ImplantsThe American Dental Association lists dental implants among the biggest advances in dentistry in the past four decades. And within that time, dental implants services have become a popular and preferred tooth replacement option.

Here are ten reasons why dental implants are now the standard for teeth replacement.

1. Implants are natural looking. Dental implants are there to fit the patient’s mouth and blend in naturally with her other existing teeth. They seem and feel just like real teeth and are almost indistinguishable from existing teeth.

2. Improved dental health. Implants leave teeth intact and help safeguard your oral health. They also allow access between your teeth for easy cleaning.

3. Improved speech. Poor-fitting dentures can cause mumbling or slurring during a speech. Conversely, dental implants fix firmly in the mouth to allow you to speak without worries.

4. Easier and painless eating. The jawbone anchors implants so you can eat without worrying about sliding dentures. Dental implant services can help you enjoy your favorite foods.

5. Improved comfort. Dental implants fuse with the jawbone and become part of you. Consequently, they take away the discomfort associated with removable dentures.

6. Improved self-esteem. Missing teeth can make you self-conscious. Wearing removable or uncomfortable dentures do not help matters. Dental implants replace teeth, give you back your beautiful smile and make you feel better about yourself.

7. Implants prevent bone loss. Implants bond with the jawbone thus stimulating healthy bone formation. Conversely, no-implant tooth replacement options often lead to bone loss once the body senses a lost tooth.

8. Durability. Dental implants last unbelievably long. They can even last a lifetime if you take good care of your mouth.

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9. Convenience. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants are permanent. They do not require removal or messy adhesives to maintain them in place.

10. Cost-effectiveness. Dental implants’ quality and durability make them a cost-effective treatment option.

In a nutshell, dental implants are popular because they look and function much like natural teeth. As a bonus, they designed implants to be permanent and durable.