A woman sleeping alone in a bed According to a source close to the U.S. First Couple, Donald and Melania Trump sleep in different bedrooms. However, a representative for the First Lady rebuffed the claim. Another source revealed that the two sleep in the same room, although on different beds.

If the president and his wife indeed sleep separately, they’re not alone. A National Sleep Foundation survey showed that as much as 25% of married couples in the country sleep in separate beds, while 10% of the respondents admitted to staying in different rooms. For many of these couples, Cozy Earth says sleeping in a bed together using organic bedsheets could help couples get a good night’s sleep.

Bedroom Blues

The survey’s respondents said that snoring ranked as the top reason why they considered sleeping in a different room or bed. Other factors for sleeping in separate rooms include a spouse that can’t stay still while asleep and engaging in distracting activities such as watching TV.

For the U.S. president, the idea of sleeping in a different bed or room makes sense when we consider his activity on Twitter, according to t Bruce Ailion, an attorney at Re/Max Town and Country in Atlanta. Some of the famous couples that have been believed to sleep separately are Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, although sleeping in separate rooms is considered to be a royal custom.

Intimacy Issues

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sleep in a different bed fitted with organic sheets and other luxurious beddings? Many people say that these thoughts make them feel guilty.

As it turns out, you can sleep alone in your bed and do it without making your spouse feel estranged, according to Mary Andres, a University of Southern California professor. Andres said that it’s better to be alone at bedtime and wake up fully rested than spend each night with your spouse but have trouble falling asleep.

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The amount of sleep we get each night will indeed determine our mood for the next day. It may seem trivial and petty, but if a separate bedroom can save your marriage, then it’s worth it.