A Make-up Artist on WorkDo you like working with makeup, hair products, nail colors, and everything that has to do with making yourself and others beautiful? Are you the designated makeup artist and hairstylist in your group of friends and family?

If your answer is yes to both of the questions above, perhaps a cosmetology career in Portland is right up your alley. Here’s how to start your new career.

Get Some Experience

It helps to know a lot about makeup and hairstyles already, but going to a cosmetology school is highly advisable. After schooling, work for a salon to get more experience while making money. Working with seasoned beauty specialists can give you a strong background in your chosen field; it may even lead you to a mentor.

Start Your Own Business

Save the money you earn from your job. Eventually, you’ll probably want to go into the beauty business yourself. Here are some pointers for doing that.

• Make a business plan. Use your experience in writing this. It should answer questions like where you intend to set up your business, when you expect to make a profit, and how you can solve any problems with the business.

• Plan your funds. The best way to fund your business is with your own money, which means you should have a considerable amount saved up. In case it’s not enough, figure out where you can get more funding. A bank loan is an option. Asking your friends and family to loan you money is another. You may also partner up with someone who has funds or get investors.

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• Ask your mentor for advice. This is why you need a mentor, so when you go solo, you have someone who can steer you in the right direction. Your mentor might even have contacts to make the transition easier for you.

• Know where to start your business. The location is often an important factor in attracting customers.

• Market your business. Your business deserves some marketing, whether you’re a small or a large salon. Use some of your profit or capital for marketing. Using online channels and listings is a good way to market without spending too much money.

A career in the beauty industry can be a lucrative one. Follow these pieces of advice and start your own business today.