Woman with Dental BracesDIY videos and tutorials have now made it possible for an average person to accomplish a task that would require an expert. This is mostly common in gardening, cleaning, carpentry, woodworking, and even plumbing repair. While DIY contents are a great help, they are not always right for the situation. This is particularly the case in procedures that can put your health at risk, like orthodontics.

To save more money and avoid dental fees, DIY braces can seem like a great option for those who want to fix their smile. This involves the use of elastic bands to move teeth and close gaps. In fact, there is a YouTube tutorial video on how to use the bands. It is also noted that this DIY method can move the teeth faster than traditional braces.

Wrong Tools and Methods

The need to have straighter or gap-free smile is understandable, but this should be done the right way. Salt Lake City orthodontists Redwood Orthodontics note that wrong methods and tools increase the likelihood of causing serious harm. Moving the teeth too fast, furthermore, can damage bones and gums. There is also the risk putting the tooth in the wrong position, causing additional wear on teeth and throwing off your bite.

Severe Teeth Damage

The American Association of Orthodontics shared a press release and videos that highlight the damage of moving teeth without consulting the dentist. There is one patient who used rubber bands to move gap between two front teeth and suffered disastrous results. The band migrated into the gums and pulled the teeth together, enough to damage the roots.

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Nothing Beats Professional

Note that a dental procedure should only be undertaken and supervised by a trained individual. This is to avoid the risks and damage associated with DIY braces. A professional treatment can monitor teeth movement and make adjustments to move the teeth in their correct position. This also involves assessment of your oral health to give you the smile you deserve.

Instead of relying on videos and unrecognized products, consult an orthodontist. You can also setup a payment plan to help you afford the treatment.