Online StoreOnline stores are more or less a staple of the modern business landscape. Companies are increasingly recognising the potential of these stores, and are taking advantage of their intrinsic differences. For instance, customers in search of entertainment activities don’t have to visit every single outlet to buy a ticket each; with online stores such as the Sentosa Online Store, all they need to do is secure a pass to enjoy the entire package. It would be interesting to know what people think of these online stores.

Why People Buy Online

The firm GFK Global delved into consumer reasons for choosing online stores. The company asked 23,000 shoppers worldwide and found out that the potential of getting excellent deals is the biggest reason. Fifty-five percent of the people surveyed say that they prefer online stores because of pricing and the chance of happening upon a great deal. Ease of purchase is the second reason with 28 percent, and better selections are in the third place with 26 percent.

What this means is that the current consumer base may be evolving, but they still rely on their age-old consumer ‘instinct’ to hunt for a bargain. At times, brick and mortar stores do have higher prices. The online marketing watchdog MarketingProfs reveals that online prices tend to be lower 65.40 percent of the time.

Pricing is rarely the only reason as well. Today’s consumers are smart and far different from the days of yore. What people prize the most about online stores is convenience – plain and simple. Again, the biggest perk is that customers can shop wherever they want when they want. A study by the firm PWC shows that 28 percent of global shoppers prefer online shopping for the accessibility. Pricing and variety come second.

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An Age-Old Appeal

Online stores do not lord it over everything. They have their drawbacks, and much of it deals with the human psyche. Kristen Gamigna of writes that shopping is more than just consumerism, but also a way of socialisation. Shoppers have the opportunity to spend time with acquaintances and kin when visiting a brick and mortar store. This is the so-called ‘emotional payoff’ of in-store purchases, and perhaps a good reason why some people consider shopping an actual hobby.

Whether online stores will dominate or not, what remains is their effectiveness and potential for making transactions happen.