Family Dentist Gives the Child a ToothbrushLike most people, you may not realize that regular dental checkups are vital not only for having clean teeth and good oral hygiene. A checkup is also crucial if you want to prevent and detect the onset of serious health concerns, like oral cancer and gum disease.

During a checkup with your family dentistry practitioner in Sioux Falls, they will take an X-ray and examine your teeth for any sign of infection or decay. Likewise, they offer fluoride treatments and teeth cleaning to ensure that you are in good oral health.

Preventive Dental Care

A family dentistry practitioner focuses on preventive care. They make sure that your smile remains pleasant and healthy. Although flossing and brushing at home are important, you still need to have a professional clean your teeth. With the help of a dentist, cleaning is more thorough and could eliminate plaque buildup. As such, it’s best to visit them at least twice a year.

Do not hesitate to schedule your dental visit early. Keep in mind that prevention is easier (and less costly) to do than treatment or repairs. If you have poor oral hygiene, you are prone to health concerns like gum disease, infections, and bone loss. These are preventable by having your dentist apply tooth decay prevention methods, teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatments.

Overall Dental Health

Your general dentist can look for symptoms of oral diseases, especially gum disease since it’s among the main causes of tooth loss. If not detected early, it could lead to life-threatening ailments like stroke and heart disease. When detected in time, however, you can still reverse your condition.

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Visiting your family dentist regularly can help maintain both your oral and overall well-being. Aside from teeth cleaning and checkups, your dentist can also provide other services like root canals, tooth-colored dental fillings, tooth or wisdom tooth extraction, teeth whitening, dental crowns, dentures, and dental bridges.