Young Female Suffers from Back PainPain is a sensation that causes discomfort. You should never underestimate it, as it can indicate an illness or injury. To handle pain properly, it pays to educate yourself about it. Here are some important facts you might not know about pain:

Women are more prone to pain

Pain due to a migraine, menstruation, and childbirth are common among women. Men experience pain, but not as often and as intense as women do. Research shows that women are more sensitive to pain and are more likely to complain while men tend to keep it to themselves.

You can control your pain

You can lessen your pain through meditation and therapy. Focus on a focal point to divert your attention and eliminate the pain. You may engage in behavioral therapy to lessen the impact of pain and feel comfortable. To know more about proper pain management, there are health care clinics that you may visit. You can find reputable ones in Boise and other nearby cities.

Your brain cannot feel pain

The brain recognizes pain but doesn’t feel it. This is because it has no pain receptors. This is the reason surgeons can perform brain operations while patients are awake.

Pain may affect your emotions more than your physical body

When you’re in pain, you suffer both physically and emotionally. Chronic pain, in particular, is stressful. Stress can make pain worse, leading to depression, confusion, and helplessness.

Back pain is the most common type of pain

A survey revealed that most people complain about having back pain. For that, billions of money are spent yearly on pain relievers. Regular exercise and maintaining one’s ideal weight can help ease the pain.

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Smoking can aggravate pain

According to studies, a person who smokes is prone to back pain. This is due to nicotine in tobacco that decreases blood flow in the back joints. Those who suffer from musculoskeletal pain are at risk of chronic pain. Furthermore, smokers need longer medication to heal than non-smokers do.

Even the slightest discomfort can make you hold back with your activities. Address your pain immediately before it gets out of control. Get medical help as soon as possible to address the problem and improve your quality of life.