Gynaecology ConsultationGoing to a gynaecologist is a daunting task that most females need to do, whether expecting or not. While there is no way to escape the awkwardness of having a stranger pry at your most intimate parts, there are means to make it more comfortable, less tolerable.

Do not let your gynae’s surgical instruments scare you off at your first visit. Instead, do consider these things on the list before deciding whether they are the right doctor for you or not.

Experience and expertise

Do a background check on your gynaecologist by knowing their fields of competence. Depending on your reproductive health needs, you might also need to find an obstetrician (if your chosen gynae is not one).

Ask for referrals and reviews from fellow patients, or log into their website to have an idea of the doctor’s career accomplishments and expertise.

Treatment method

A good doctor should be able to cope with the latest and most advanced treatment methods. If your chosen doctor is still using the same methods your mother’s gynaecologist used on her decades back, then maybe it is time to consider other options.


Some doctors have their own clinics while others work in hospitals. On your visit, make sure you survey their place and see whether their instruments are up to date and whether or not their place is conducive for medical procedures.


Get a list of doctors from your insurance provider to make sure that your insurance would cover the cost of your treatment. However, in doing so, it is important to consider their experience and expertise.

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Ease of communication

You should be able to communicate and talk with your doctor with ease and comfort about your sexual concerns. He or she should be able to listen and understand your concern as a patient.

Do not compromise in finding the right doctor to help you with your reproductive health.