People SnowboardingThe winter may call for a break, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying the season to the fullest. Here are some intense and heart-racing snow sports that are sure to warm up the cold and freezing season.

Kite Skiing

More popularly known as snow kiting, this combines the thrill of snowboarding and kite surfing. What’s exciting about this activity is the power of the kite that pulls skiers to glide on the snow or ice. All you need is a strong and significant amount of wind to keep the kite up flying. Experts recommend that you perform this trick on a flat and plain surface because it can be difficult to maneuver.


This is largely a popular extreme snow activity that involves a helicopter ride, an off-trail downhill terrain, and your skiing or snowboarding gear. For this one, you might need to take a few lessons from pro heliskiers to improve your control and motor skills. If you want to try this, Valdez Heli-Ski Guides noted that there’s no need to worry because many ski tour packages in Alaska offer this activity.

Snow Kayaking

This is similar to a sled ride, only that you’re on a kayak boat. To achieve proper momentum, you’ll have to push the board using the paddle. Once you get into motion, you may steer your way down to the bottom. Ski resorts don’t entirely approve of this whole activity, but you can pretty much do it in any area where there are slopes that are wide enough for you to glide down.

Ice Sailing

Also called as ice yachting, this is the winter counterpart of sailing on waters. This activity uses the same principle behind boat sailing — the wind current and the direction of water, only on the frozen surface. What makes it so unique and exhilarating is the amount of speed your boat will have to travel since it’s running on a slippery and frozen surface. Other than that, you need to work on your reflex and endurance to steer the board or iceboat properly.

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Fill up your thirst for one great winter adventure by trying out any of these winter sports. As you do, don’t forget to put your own safety first. This is to make the experience more unforgettable.