An senior man being comforted by his son Apart from memory loss, those with Alzheimer’s disease may have delusions or suspect loved ones of bad behaviors. They can make hurtful and unbelievable accusations like theft or unfaithfulness but is important to keep in mind that it is just because of the disease.

People in the middle or late stages of the illness may believe in things or situations that are not true. Delusions can be due to their confusion and inability to remember certain things. Those who suffer may accuse caregivers or loved ones from stealing personal possessions. These delusions are not based on reality, but they seem real to the patients.

Delusions vs. Hallucinations

It is important to remember that delusions are not the same as hallucinations. The former refer to erroneous beliefs, while the latter are distorted or false sensory experiences that involve seeing or hearing something that does not exist. Progressive dementia may also cause patients to feel things that are not reality based.

Expert Care and Guidance

Memory care centers in Las Vegas like Legacy House of Centennial Hills note that patients with having delusions and hallucinations require medical evaluation. This is to determine the right treatment approach or if they will require medication. Working with a doctor and experienced care givers are necessary to find out how to deal with other behavioral changes in patients.

Respond Properly

If your loved one displays such behavior, it is best not to take offense. Know that the disease is causing them to believe such things, and always show care and affection. Other tips include:

Keep it simple. When answering questions or sharing ideas, make it simple and straightforward. You will only confuse them with long and complex responses.

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Listen to them. Patients may make contradicting statements, but don’t debate with them. Try to listen to their ideas and acknowledge their thoughts.

Prepare multiple items of frequently lost possessions. If they always accuse you of stealing their wallet or if they are always looking for a certain item, prepare several (same kind) available.

Your loved one’s changing behavior can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. The best thing you can do is to offer love and support. Make sure that they also receive expert care and guidance.