Dental Implant SurgeryThe success of a dental implant surgery does not end the moment you walk out and say goodbye to your dentist. There are things you should do afterwards to make it a success. The recovery phase could be as crucial as the operation itself, so better follow your dentist’s advice.

Here are the things to keep in mind after undergoing an implant surgery:

Brush, But Do it Gently

Keeping your mouth clean is important after surgery. The treated area is susceptible to infection due to bacteria, so it pays to keep your whole mouth clean. Brush your teeth the usual way, but do it gently when cleaning areas near the surgical site. Spare the site for a couple of days and then give it gradual brushing on the following days.

Rinse your Mouth

After receiving an implant surgery, rinse your mouth using the prescribed mouthwash. Rinse your mouth for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out. Make sure to swish gently on the treated area.

A warm rinse with a glass of saltwater likewise helps according to dental practices offering tooth implants in Shrewsbury. You can do this after meals or at least four times a day. It may not taste good, but it aids in the healing process, so better make it a habit.

Leave it Alone

It may be tempting to check and touch the treated area, but stop yourself from doing so. Refrain from touching it using your fingers or any object if you want quick recovery.

Quit Smoking Temporarily

Stop smoking after the surgery. If you smoke, it can affect the healing of the implant area. In addition, it can bring more discomfort and may increase the odds of developing dry sockets.

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Avoid Strenuous Activities

Couch or bed rest is highly important on the first day following the surgery. Avoid stressful home chores while you let your mouth recover. Lifting heavy loads, bending, and other strenuous activities may lead to bleeding. These can worsen swelling and pain, as well.

Keep these things in mind for a quick recovery. When you encounter a problem along the way, it pays to consult your dentist right away.