Woman SmilingAdhering to basic dental hygiene practices is not enough: one must avoid a list of habits that can do harm to your teeth. Any dentist will tell you: your teeth are almost irreplaceable, and it is crucial that you keep them in the best state possible. Avoid these four common habits that could ruin your teeth.

Eating sugary food

Sugar is the leading cause of tooth damage. When it sticks to your teeth, sugar invites acid producing bacteria that feed on it. The acid corrodes your tooth enamel, resulting in cavities. Visit a clinic for family dentistry in Lakeville once you start experiencing problems with your teeth for an inspection and possible treatment. Your dentist will also advise on which food to avoid.

Brushing your teeth too hard

Brushing your teeth three times a day is certainly one of the best ways to keep youth teeth clean and healthy. However, if you brush too hard or use a toothbrush with hard bristles, you could damage your teeth. Besides, brushing too hard causes irritation to your gums.

Biting your nails

You have probably seen people biting their nails out of nervousness, or have been a victim of the habit yourself. This seemingly innocent habit can have devastating effects on your teeth. The longer you place your jaw in a protruding position, the more you risk jaw dysfunction. Nail biting can also chip your teeth.

Using your teeth as tools

This is another habit that is harmful to your teeth. Do not use your tooth to open bottles or hold things. Doing this exposes them to dangers such as chipping, cracking, or breaking. You also put your jaw at risk of dislocation.

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As people’s lives become increasingly busy, it is possible to become involved in practices that are harmful to their teeth without noticing it. Initially, these habits may not have noticeable effects, but in the end, they can be devastating to your teeth.