A girl smiling in dentistry Sugar is a major dental villain that can compromise your dental health. It helps bacteria-causing tooth decay to multiply, create acids, and attack your teeth. These are also the reasons some people think that sugar-free beverages are better alternatives and cause less damage to teeth.

While diet soda and other varieties may not have the sugar of regular beverages, they can still cause dental erosion. They contain other chemicals like caffeine, sodium, artificial sweeteners, and phosphoric acid that can harm the teeth and cause gastric problems.

Enamel Erosion with Acids

It’s always wise to reduce your sugar intake, but note that the combination of acids in certain beverages (like diet drinks) can contribute to enamel erosion. The preservatives in sugar-free products and the acidic flavoring may weaken the protective coating of your teeth and lead to dental erosion. Studies also suggest that sugar-containing and sugar-free beverages produce measurable enamel loss (with no significant difference).

Teeth-Friendly Beverages

Do your mouth a favor and choose drinks that have low acid content. Craig J. Heasurly, DDS and other Pinole dentists note that such beverages can protect your teeth from becoming extremely sensitive, with the benefit of keeping your enamel from wearing. Water is the best choice, but milk, unsweetened tea, and root beer are also good options. If you, however, consume acidic beverages, don’t brush your teeth right away, wait for at least an hour before doing so.

Consume Sugar-Free Product

Sugar-free gum is an ideal product that can benefit your teeth and mouth. Chewing it can get the saliva flowing, which also makes it a great alternative at times when it is not possible to brush your teeth. It reduces acid attack by helping produce your mouth’s natural defense against acid. It can also alleviate dry mouth symptoms like water.

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Eat a variety of food and limit of consumption of sugary and acidic beverages. You can also maintain good oral and overall health by avoiding mindless snacking or choosing healthier snacks such as cheese and raw vegetables. Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth every day visit your dentist regularly.