Contact Lens CareCaring for your contact lenses is not just about making them last longer. Instead, it is more about keeping them clean and hygienic to help you avoid eye problems that may arise from wearing dirty contact lenses.

As with anything that comes in contact with your eyes, contact lenses will always pose a risk of getting eye infections. The best thing you can do is to handle your contacts properly so you can go about your years free from further eye problems.

1.  Clean your contact lenses regularly.

Regularly disinfecting your contacts removes buildup from cosmetics and other debris. Wash your hands with moisturizer-free soap and thoroughly wipe them down before handling your contact lenses. Next, place one lens into the palm of your hand and rub both sides of the lens with your finger for around 20 seconds. Do this even if you have a no-rub solution.

2.  Handle your contact lenses with care.

Always use contact lens solution for cleaning your contacts, never water or saliva. When handling the solution container, take care that the tip doesn’t touch anything else, whether it’s your hand or another object. And when storing contacts, use fresh solution at all times. Do not try to save money by topping off the old solution.

3.  Ask your doctor if you need other products.

Some contact lens wearers develop a protein buildup on their contacts, especially if they have long-term contact lenses. Ask your ophthalmologist if you need to use a special product to remove protein from your contacts. Also, you might also want to ask if you need eye drops to re-wet the contacts and lubricate your eyes.

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4.  Take care of your eyes.

If you feel any redness, itching, or blurry vision, remove your contacts and visit your eye clinic in Maple Grove, Minnesota immediately. Even if you’re not experiencing discomfort, visit your doctor regularly and take eye exams at least every year.

If you’re not very fond of using eyeglasses, wearing contact lenses is a convenient, even aesthetically pleasing way to correct your vision. This comes with a bit of effort, though; as you need to take care of them properly so you can also properly take care of your eyes.