Parkinson’s DiseaseParkinson’s is a difficult condition to deal with, whether you care for someone or it is something you are afflicted yourself. But as Freddie Roach, Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox prove, the physical effect of the condition is a lot harder to deal with than the mental side. That will come later, or at the very least, meeting it will not be as challenging as trying to compensate for your declining physical capability.

You will have a very different experience looking after your teeth. The tremors will be the biggest challenge because your hands are important in the majority of your dental tasks. Whether it is brushing, flossing or using mouthwash, it is practically impossible to perform any tooth care with your hands.

What a Dentist Can Bring

Short version: a dentist is vital to the point that a person with Parkinson’s will have to totally depend on him/her in caring for their teeth. This is a big issue between the NHS and the private sector so you will not struggle when looking for a dental practice in Gainsborough whom you can turn to for dental care.

There are other issues that a dentist can assist with, such as drooling, dry mouth, controlling dentures and more. Practically speaking, the last thing you want is other components of your health declining along with the development of Parkinson’s.

Today, if you can get access and there are rules that allow it, employ some less traditional and modern remedy to Parkinson’s. Anything that can help slow it down is a welcome addition.

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Things You Can Do

Anything, small or big, will help in performing your dental duties. An electric toothbrush requires less motion to operate and making sure the suction cup for the dentures is secure will prevent it falling over. These are incremental additions, but in daily life, it will make a difference.

There will be barriers, bigger as the Parkinson’s advances, but there are always solutions. Dental advice from your dentist is always valued, but if it is possible to employ non-dental appliances, do not hesitate. A combination of professional attention and practicality is necessary if you are to care for your teeth despite your condition.