RehabAre or someone you know recovering from substance abuse? It is difficult to kick the old habit, especially if a person has been abusing an addicting behavior or substance for so long. But, practicing certain ways allows one to get on the road to addiction recovery in Salt Lake City and never look back.

Avoid High-Risk Situations

High-risk situations put a recovering substance abuser at risk of relapse. Some of these include feeling hungry, angry, lonely and/or tired, or to remember easily, the acronym HALT. “How do you feel at the end of the day?” is an important question to ask. You’re feeling hungry because you have yet to eat, you’re angry because of a grueling day at school or at work.

Loneliness may arise because of isolation; however, some people don’t have to be physically alone to feel the same way. These are some of the reasons people feel the HALT emotions at the end of the day.

Other high-risk situations that may trigger a relapse or make full recovery difficult include:

  • People associated with a previous addiction
  • Places where a former addict uses dangerous substances
  • Certain things may remind a person of their previous use.

Avoiding these high-risk situations and emotions allow a person to recover and never look back.

A Strong Support Group

Other than avoiding high-risk situations, people and emotions, a person trying to recover from addiction needs a strong support group. The family, friends, co-workers and others play an important role in preventing relapse. They need to uplift a person in the recovery stage; they need to cheer him or her up, avoid triggering an addiction and help him or her relax.

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Substance abuse can turn into a lifelong problem, even if a person stops, he or she may relapse and return to drinking or drugs. That is why it is important to enter a good program and have a strong support group.