De-Stressing ActivitiesThere are different sources of stress in this world. Some of them can surprise you, as they can come straight out of your own family. If things pile up and you realise it is time to do something for yourself, try these ideas.

Journal/Diary – Opening up to your friends and family is often a good way of loosening up and taking a break. But circumstances are different for each person and you might not get the support you expected or they may even be the very source of your stress. Before you pour your heart out to your inner circle, put your thoughts and feelings on a diary to see just how relevant these changes are in your life.

Travel – If familiarity is causing you to lose touch with your goals, it might be that you need a new perspective. Far from moving out permanently or ditching your responsibilities at home, you just need to find some quiet place to ruminate or maybe search for your own personal adventure. Drive out of town, make a reservation at a ski resort known for the excellent accommodation, like Ski Line Limited. Give yourself a well-deserved time out to refresh yourself.

Food Trip – There is a big difference between comfort eating and overeating. Overeating means you are already full but still glut on your favourite food just because you do not have anything else to do with your troubles. Comfort eating is when, after an entire month of home troubles, caring for children and paying the bills, you just want to sit down and eat something you did not have to cook for yourself. Make a reservation for yourself at a favourite diner and enjoy a dish you have always hankered for.

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Because your stress can be invisible to others, it is no surprise that not everyone will be supportive. Do not let their criticism of your self-care be a deterrent to you taking back your life. Have some fun and recharge just so you are ready to continue your uphill climb.