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Children have a lot of questions. And you can expect an entire book of them when your kids are getting ready to get fitted for braces.

It’s important that you stay calm and collected throughout the process. When answering their questions, be as honest as possible, but stay cool so you don’t scare them.

Here’s what you can do to help your children get ready for braces:

Let them know what to expect.

Kids will want to know if the braces will hurt, if they have to go to the dentist often, and if they have to wear the braces forever. Even before you decide on an orthodontist, sit with your child and discuss their options.

Focus on the benefits.

You can help a child who feels uncomfortable getting braces to ease into the process by emphasizing the good things that can happen. Tell them that braces are temporary, not permanent, and they’ll feel more confident with their smile once they are taken out.

Remind them they’re not alone.

Show them they’re not the only kid in Boise who have braces. They likely have a cousin, a friend, or a classmate who’s wearing them too. When your child can relate to their peers, it is easier for them to accept that they have to wear braces.

Educate your child on proper dental care.

Now, more than ever, children should learn to care for their mouth with braces on. Brushing and flossing are a must and eating hard foods, such as popcorn, hard candy, and ice is a no-no. Stock up on dental wax to protect the insides of their teeth, and make sure there’s a variety of soft foods in the house.

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Millions of American children get braces every year, but kids can still feel apprehensive about it. During this time of their lives, it’s important that you give your kids extra love and care to help get them through it.