back pain
Dealing with back pain can range from adjusting your posture while you sit to walking so slowly so you don’t move your back. Some people are blessed to not experience any until the last years of their life while other people are born with conditions that keep them in constant pain.
For most people, though, back pain can be alleviated without resorting to expensive and harmful pain medicine that can damage the liver.

Before you pop those pills, try these surefire ways, which experienced chiropractors at Apollo Chiropractor recommend, to alleviate your back pain:

1. Change your mattress

The way you sleep is one of the main reasons your back could be aching. A too-soft or too-hard mattress could be putting a strain on some part of your body. While you don’t need to get an  orthopedic mattress, a new, firm piece of foam can do wonders for helping you sleep without the dull pain in your back.

2. Fix your posture

Slouching and other bad posture habits can put a strain on your back and even deform your spine. If you need to wear posture aids for a few weeks, then do so. You may alleviate a lot of your pain from sitting for long periods or standing.

3. Stretch

Your muscles may lock if you don’t use them a lot. Don’t sit too long in one position. Get up and do some light exercise or gentle stretches to use the muscles. This way, you aren’t locked in one position and your back muscles get used more often.

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While these tips may not eliminate all your back pain, you may notice some alleviation after a few weeks. For anything that’s too painful that it stops you from day to day life, you have to see a doctor or chiropractor. Make sure you describe your symptoms well and answer all their questions honestly.