Addiction Recovery in SandyThe Philippines has been in the spotlight last year because of its strong campaign to fight against drugs in an unconventional manner. While the South-east Asian country chose a more aggressive way to fight addiction, the US government is using a different approach. Both the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the White House released guidelines on what drug addiction is, how to help a loved one suffering from addiction and whom to call for help.

Below are some important points on how you can help a friend or a loved one addicted to drugs.

How do you help someone addicted to drugs?

  1. Do not judge

When a loved one opens up about his drug addiction treatment to you, be a listening ear. The fact that someone has opened up to you about it means that person trusts you. Offer your support by helping him find a solution.

  1. Contact a professional

Be the bridge and have the initiative to find the right health professionals to conduct treatment methods. Do you know someone who doesn’t want to get treated? Convincing him to undergo an assessment by a health professional is already a step in itself.

  1. Enroll in treatment programs

There are numerous registered drug addiction treatment centers in Sandy and in other parts of the country. Treatment centers are usually designed to cater to the needs of the patient. There are various ways to undergo treatments (i.e. inpatient and outpatient).

  1. Do not give up easily

The person’s will to change, the right treatment programs and strong support from friends and family is the recipe for success. Addiction is not something treated overnight and it requires a lot of patience and effort from all the people involved in the process.

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People become an addict for various reasons. Be one of the reasons why they have successfully overcome it.