Dermatologist in St. GeorgeAlthough spider veins are essentially harmless health-wise, they can be a nightmare for most people. Spider veins are not a pretty sight to look at, and it helps to know how to quickly do away with them. Luckily, there are safe and simple ways to make those spider veins disappear from your legs quickly.

Here are four of them:

Using Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is one of the leading procedures for the treatment of spider veins. In this procedure, the doctor injects a saline solution into the veins to make them clump together and become less visible. The procedure is very safe and effective. Sclerotherapy’s high success rate (up to 90 percent) makes it a favorite among those seeking to get rid of spider veins.

Laser treatment

Using laser treatment can also help eliminate spider veins. The procedure is especially useful for those that are allergic to injections. Sometimes, laser treatment is used together with Sclerotherapy with the laser being used to eliminate the tip of the vein. Visit a dermatologist or professionals like in St George offering spider vein treatment for guidance on which is the best option for you.

Regular exercise

Exercising is another effective way to get rid of spider veins from your legs. Exercise enhances blood flow in your legs and helps ease the inflammation that causes spider veins. Exercise also helps you get rid of excess body fat, which is one of the causes of spider veins.

Change your lifestyle

Some habits, such as smoking, use of birth control pills, and obesity, can lead to the development of spider vein as they restrict blood circulation. Changing these life choices can help get rid of spider veins or prevent their occurrence.

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A few blemishes on the body can cause as much discomfort as spider veins. Although they are usually not painful and do not require medical treatment, they can cause a significant dent in a person’s confidence. By using the tips above, you can get rid of them in a snap and flaunt your legs with great confidence.