Hair CareHot and dry weather, the typical climate found in deserts, is harmful to hair. In fact, they dry out strands and suck the life out of them. The scalp also takes a beating from the inhospitable climate: the scalp likewise dries out into itchy flakes that become dandruff.

Regular hair treatments from establishments like Roots Salon are a world of help to your suffering locks. Nonetheless, at-home solutions and an improved routine can also keep your hair beautiful and luxurious.

Cleanse and Protect Your Hair

Schedule days when you can use shampoo to clean dirt out of your hair. With shampoo, you can make sure that dust, sand and other particulate matter bid goodbye to your hair. Shampooing once every two weeks is a good place to start — remember, however, that every head of hair can have different needs and you may have to adjust the frequency according to your own needs.

After luxuriously lathering up and rinsing, apply oil like Argan to your hair, as shampooing will wash out even the healthy oils from your tresses. Replacing these healthy hair oils immediately is something your hair will thank you for.

Get a Trim Regularly

Longer hair suffers more because it absorbs more of the sun’s rays. As a matter of fact, split ends are more common in longer hair. Opting for shorter hair can reduce common problems caused by dry and hot climates.

Use Sunscreen for Hair

Just like the human skin, the hair hates UV rays. Fortunately, many hair products now offer UV protection as a valuable feature in their formula. They usually come in the form of creams, serums and oils. If these are not available, wear a hat or a scarf over your hair.

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Moisturise, Moisturise, and Moisturise!

Moisture from healthy strands evaporates into the dry air around you. The sun’s heat beating down on your crown is not helping your hair look great either. This is why hydrating hair is a non-negotiable routine in hot, dry climates. Use more effective conditioners with natural oils and avoid products with harsh chemicals that can strip hair of its natural moisture. Additionally, drinking more water can help.

Maintaining a healthy head of hair can be extra challenging in desert climates. Armed with the right tools, knowledge and regimen, however, keeping hair luxurious and beautiful is simple. By taking the suggestions on this list to heart, you’ll have hair that doesn’t just look good but is healthy as well.