Eradicating RoachesPest problems in the household can be a hard problem to solve. Using powerful insecticides may be the easiest and fastest way to banish roaches, but it exposes family members to toxic chemicals in the process. Is resorting to Raid really the best way to rid the house of unwanted bugs?

A study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology conducted  two different roach-control methods in different schools in North Carolina: a chemical exterminator and sticky traps, and sole use of sticky traps. The findings reveal that the using toxic spray had an average of 82 insects per trap per week, whereas the schools that had only used traps didn’t catch a single insect.

Households should employ other ways to get rid of perky bugs without using bug spray that is toxic to both human health and the environment. A tube of sealant and a little bit of patience are much more effective in keeping roaches out of the house than a chemical bug bomb.  There are also other organic ways families can prevent cockroach infestations. Here’s how:

Keep the House Clean

Eliminate the presence of roaches in unwanted areas in the household by employing preventative maintenance. Grease and food residue attract bugs, so keep your home clean at all times. Don’t leave dirty dishes on the sink overnight and be sure to wipe off food preparation areas after every use. A 15-minute cleanup at the end of each day is enough to remove most residue.

Seal Cracks and Holes

Cracks in the wall and holes in the baseboard give roaches easy access to a home. Bugs can easily crawl their way through small spaces, so families should board up and use sealants to block their different ports of entry. This is important, especially for people that live in apartments, and have roommates that aren’t so conscious about keeping their areas clean.

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Use a Borax Roach Killer

Borax, a key ingredient in commercially-made cleaners, is an inexpensive and environmentally-friendly way to kill roaches. Once ingested, it can cause significant harm to a cockroach’s digestive system and outer skeleton. To turn borax into natural cockroach bait, mix it with sugar (to attract the roaches) and apply the mixture to corners and surfaces in the house where roaches are expected to be found.

Fix Any Water Leaks

Roaches breed in moist, damp surfaces and can survive on water alone. This is why they usually stay under sinks. To keep cockroaches from infesting your home, fix all leaky pipes right away.

Keeping the house free of any cockroach infestations might be time-consuming without toxic bug spray. But if it means avoiding exposure to harmful chemicals and preventing its negative impact on the environment, then it is definitely worth the trouble. A little bit of patience is better than resorting to harmful insecticides, after all.